It takes many years of intense research on the human body to realize the balance of metabolism, fat cell and side effects that can result in weight lose while staying healthy. Human choric gonadotropin commonly known as HCG diet was actually discovered by accident by doctor Simeons as he worked to continuously cure malnutrition in underdeveloped villages over 50 years ago. While he was researching on women health Simeons noticed that the mothers health began to deteriorate when the mother gave birth and he thought that there has to be reason why women health was deteriorating after giving birth. That is how he came to discover this diet. This naturally occurring hormone is created naturally by the human body to protect and nourish the fetus by actually taking the stored fat reserves and changing them to nutrition to be used by the placenta.

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Look for customer reviews.

The first thing that you need to do before you buy HCG only is to check what other customer who have used that product from a particular online store are saying about it. Check to see if they are happy with the product or not. Nowadays many online stores like to put fake customer reviews on their website. You should be very careful not to be tricked by fake customer reviews. If you want to know if the customer review is real or not, take the initiative of calling some of the people who have used or bought HCG from that particular online store and ask them to share their experience with you. If previous customers are happy with it, then you should consider buying from that particular store.

When it comes to buying a sensitive product like HCG diet, you should be very careful on where you buy it. This is because if you get it wrong then you will end up regretting for the rest of your life. Medical experts recommend that you should first conduct an extensive research to know what to expect before you buy HCG online. Make sure you have adequate information about HCG diet, the ingredients it contains, the manufacturer as well as when you should expect to start seeing results. Once you have a solid information about HCG, you can then start searching for online stores that sell product.

Look for free trials.

Some online stores do offer free trials to assure their customers that they are actually selling HCG products that are of high quality and have been clinically tested and proven to work. Prioritize online stores that offer free HCG trials and use the free trials make a decision if you will buy the real HGC product from that particular store. Free trials can help you know if that the HCG diet is the right one for you or not. You can easily know if the program will work for you or not.

Money back offers. 

When buying HCG, ensure that you buy from an online store that offers warranty to their product. Money back offers gives you an assurance that if the product fail to meet your expectation then you are free to return it to the retailer and be compensated if the warranty is still valid. Most credible online shops do offer 90 day money back offer where the customer can return the product it fails to meet their expectations. Most online stores that offer warranty to their product usually sell high quality products. However you should be very careful and only accept money back offer of more than 90 days.

Ask for referrals.

If you know of somebody who has bought genuine HCG online that worked, you can approach the person and ask him/her to refer you to that particular shop where he/she bought HCG. Referrals can help you get a genuine HCG shop without so much hustle. However you should be very careful when being referred to a particular online store because not all referrals are genuine. Make sure that you also conduct your own personal research on that particular shop to know if it really sell genuine products. In addition, make sure that the person who referred you to that particular online store has proven to you that the HCG product that he/she bought from a particular online shop worked on him/her.

Only buy from recommended online shop.

There are so many online shops all of which claim to sell genuine HCG product. The harsh truth is that not all online stores that claim to sell genuine HCG product do stand by their word. Some of them are only there to cash in from innocent consumers who just what to shed some pounds and be healthier. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you buy HCG from a recommend online stores. Buy HCG from online stores that have been licensed by the manufactured to sell the product. That way you will be sure that the product that you have bought is genuine.