corion 5000, corion hcgCorion (High Purity HCG) is a product from fast escrow refills that is an online medical health website that delivers prescription medication at an affordable rate.

Product Description

A highly potent product, Corion is available to you in its purest form available. This means it is very much effective in delivering weight loss results. Sync it with the 500 calorie diet for a powerful combo that melts your abnormal fat. Corion helps in curbing unwanted appetite by breaking down the chubby fat in your body. This will give you more energy levels that will leave you without any hunger pangs.

Corion (high purity hcg) is available in 5000iu vials. Mix it with bacteriostatic water as per the dosage advised by your health provider. The toxic effects of corion is very low so even if you overdose mistakenly do not panic. You won’t feel any adverse reactions in the body.

If you are new to Corion (High purity hcg), work with your pharmacist, nurse or doctor and know how to inject it yourself. Only then do it yourself to prevent any mishap.

Corion (High purity hcg) when used with vitamin b12 can doubly benefit your body by boosting energy levels without weighing you down with fatigue or any side effects.

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Corion High Purity Hcg Side Effects

Few users report no curb in hunger while on the hcg diet. This can happen on two reasons

  • Initial phase where it is difficult to curb the hunger
  • Their body is more potent that calls for a higher dose of hcg
  • Regardless of any of the above, it is not a ‘side effect’ and rather a temporary phase that will fade away within a week.

However, side effects of HCG overall has been reported with many people claiming mild side effects such as

  • nausea or dizziness
  • vomiting sensation
  • irritative mood behavior
  • gloomy feel and depression
  • lack of sleep and more


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